Lockdown in Germany

More refugee drama in Germany:

Heavily-armed officers are surrounding a home in the town of Chemnitz

A German town is in lockdown as armed police are hunting for a man suspected of planning a bomb attack on an airport. The suspect has been named locally as Jabir A – a Syrian who was under surveillance by the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection in Cologne, say reports. He is suspected of plotting a bomb attack on a German airport, according to Online Focus.

It is understood the suspect entered Germany last year with refugees from Syria. Residents have been ordered to remain indoors as large-scale closures and evacuations take place in the town and the suspect remains at large.

Ah, those poor Syrian refugees. I’m sure the good people of Chemnitz are so glad now that they opened their hearts and homes to them. After all, who could possibly have predicted something like this would happen!

It won’t be too long before refugees will be shot on sight and the policy will be celebrated by many of the very people who welcomed them. I said at the time they should have simply sunk the boats and blocked the borders. Now the moral cost of resolving the situation will be considerably higher.