SF-SJWs devour zhemselves

Once zhey’ve pushed everyone else out of their safe spaces, zhey turn on each other. SJWs are rather like sharks, in that zhey have to be attacking someone in order to survive. Big, fat, toothless, mentally ill zharks.

Effective today I am no longer running music at Worldcon 75. To say that I am angry about this is putting it somewhat mildly. I’m actually pretty fucking furious and I’m currently trying to decide if I can be bothered to go to the convention at this point. That also makes me angry. I campaigned for Helsinki. I pushed for Helsinki. I’ve been to Helsinki several times and I think it’s a great city, but at this point I don’t know that I’d feel welcome at the convention (and who knows, perhaps I wouldn’t be, given this).

I note that I don’t expect that this post will change anything, but it’s important to me personally to write it. If the convention wishes to justify their decision, to me at least, they’re welcome to do so. I don’t expect that it’s important enough for them to address, however.

I’m going add some background here that some of you may already know. It was written in a friendslocked post which is now public so that people can have some frame of reference for what’s come to pass. It’s not something that I’ve spoken about much because I considered it over and done with but it’s relevant now, and directly related to why I’m no longer involved with the convention.

In the middle of August 2014 I met [name redacted] at the World Science Fiction Convention in London. We were friendly and connected on Facebook and Twitter, had lunch together, and she offered me crash space if I ever wanted to visit her area of Sweden. I took her up on it at the end of September 2014 for a weekend. We had a nice weekend and parted as friends. A little later, she messaged me on FB that she wanted to spend less time talking, so we stopped chatting in FB Messenger (the way we would normally communicate) and I didn’t talk with her other than liking posts, occasionally commenting on FB or Twitter. She indicated a week or so after that that even that was too much, so I acknowledged, wished her well and honored her request. That’s mid-to-late-October 2014. She’s since blocked me on Facebook so I can’t look up the exact dates as I no longer have access to those messages, but I know that I have friendly comments from her in my FB from after I got back to London from Sweden.

As noted in my post in July of last year, I was warned by someone pre-Archipelacon to “stay away from her” — unnecessary IMO, since I had no intention of speaking to someone who’d specifically asked to be let alone, but whatever. No idea how many people [name redacted] complained to, but I get the impression that it was more than one. Only one spoke to me though. Post-Archipelacon, I did sent her an apology for however I’d managed to scare or offend her and left it at that.

It sure would be a shame if anyone were to exploit this zhelf-devouring tendency of SJWs, considering that all one has to do is electronically breathe on zhem online in order to trigger zhem.