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My, such excitement and drama revolving around Worldcon 75:

A growing controversy over Dave Weingart’s termination as Music department head, brought about by his explanation and complaint on LiveJournal, and the 2017 Helsinki Worldcon committee’s effort to explain and justify their actions on Facebook, has been defused by the Worldcon 75 issuing an apology and taking down its Facebook thread about the matter. Weingart says he has also received a verbal apology from one of the chairs….

Weingart had already made private his LiveJournal posts about the controversy in reaction to Vox Day linking to them from Vox Popoli:

Because Vox Day and his miserable crew of people have glommed onto my disagreement with Worldcon 75 I have made my DW/LJ posts mentioning any other party private. I’ve done likewise with my FB posts.

After Worldcon 75 took down its Facebook thread, Weingart responded:

The wording of Worldcon’s posted apology is something I agreed to verbally on the phone with one of the co-chairs on 2016-10-10, when I was also given a verbal apology. Worldcon’s deleting their other post on this subject (on the Worldcon 75 page) was done with my explicit permission as well. Whatever the disagreement, neither Worldcon 75 nor I want Vox Day to have anything to do with this.

I suppose I’ll just write up a little summary for Infogalactic then. Worldcon 75: Controversies. And since there isn’t any source information to which we can link it, given the way it’s all been hidden away, I guess that just leaves it up to me being able to remember everything correctly.

So, this all started when some sad filkish gamma started stalking a Swedish girl at a science fiction convention, right? I’m sure it will come back to me… perhaps the miserable crew can help jog my memory.