A non-vote for X is NOT a vote for Y

It seems we have to deal with this nonsense every four years. But to say that failing to vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, or that a vote for Egghead McUtah is a vote for Hillary, is completely false. It is a mathematical absurdity. Consider:

  • If you vote for Trump, he has one vote. Hillary has zero votes.
  • If you vote for Johnson, he has one vote. Hillary has zero votes.
  • If you vote for Egghead McUtah, he has one vote. Hillary has zero votes.
  • If you don’t vote, Hillary has zero votes.

Under precisely NONE of these scenarios does Hillary get a single vote. Ergo, a vote for X is not, and can never be, a vote for Hillary, unless that vote is for Hillary.

Now, I think it would be reprehensibly stupid to vote for Johnson for the obvious reason that he is neither a Libertarian nor a libertarian. It would be slightly less stupid to vote for Stein, because while she is a Green socialist, at least she does not pretend to be anything else. It would be even more stupid to vote for Egghead McUtah, because he is a less serious presidential candidate than Milo Yiannopoulos.

Seriously, Milo is not only a more serious candidate, he has a better chance of one day becoming President of the United States than Egghead does. Heck, David French was a more serious candidate than Egghead.

The reason to vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton is not innumerate appeals to impossible mathematics, but that his proposed policies are the best that any Republican candidate for President has offered the public in living memory. If that’s not enough for you, if you’re more concerned about superficial matters relating to posture, presentation, and personal idiosyncracies, well, you probably shouldn’t be voting on anything anyhow.