Mailvox: Pro-Trump enthusiasm

A VFM reports from Texas:

I went to early vote today and couldn’t because there were too many people already in line. In my 20 years voting I have never seen this many people early voting. My area is a semi-rural heavily republican area. Talk radio is giving reports that all around Houston TX voting locations are maxed out. In past elections I could go to early vote with a line less than 10 long. Today it was at least 200, no parking spaces, people parking in the ditch and nearby fields.

This is the second eyewitness report I’ve heard to this effect from Texas. It also explains why the Clinton/Soros crew is redoubling their demoralization efforts. As I told Stefan Molyneux in my most recent appearance on his show – it should broadcast later this week – these efforts are wasted on people who, when told that they are outnumbered and all is lost, decide that they might as well take as many of the bastards with them as escorts on the way to Valhalla.

The r/selected rabbits cannot understand that there is infinitely more pride and honor in casting the one and only vote for freedom than in being the ninety-ninth to cast a ballot for slavery.