A year of Dark Triad

Congratulations to Castalia author Ivan Throne, who is observing the one-year-anniversary of his blog, Dark Triad Man by sharing some of the lessons he learned along the way:

The first year of social media is hard.

I don’t like Facebook. It is a time sink, most of its users are not my audience, and I needed traction fast. That is why I settled on Twitter and began to learn how it works.

It is an insane platform, rampantly infected (and managed) by social justice warriors. I saw that as a benefit. I am here to test out my work in the real world, to subject it to adversaries and criticism, along with the expected mockery from those who oppose my perspectives, my differentation and of course my message.

There were plenty of envious trolls, shrieking feminists, whining cucks, sobbing peasants, gormless chattel and febrile incompetents who decided to insult, harass and stalk me across social media. It was absolutely delightful and every one of them has my thanks for being a part of the churl shooting gallery that social media affords.

Trolls and haters are fun. They are the icing on the cake of the real work. And that real work is very serious, and has strict parameters.

I followed several rules as I delivered Dark Triad Man and built my audience:

1. Blunt, ruthless honesty in my observations and message.

2. Delivery of real world training for readers on top of perspective.

3. Multiple channels of media that entwine and reinforce.

4. Absolute quality of writing, layout, presentation and brand.

5. Rapidity in applying lessons learned to the enterprise.

Everything I do at Dark Triad Man follows these overarching values.

One of the things I liked about Ivan from the beginning is that he is a fearless and ferocious fighter. The reason that I signed his book, The Nine Laws, is because I knew that his determined approach was, sooner or later, going to make him successful. I figured we would be wise to make an early ally of a man who may well become more influential than any of us one day.

There are a few men I wouldn’t bet against for various reasons. Ivan Throne is one of them. One should never judge a man by what he is, or what he was, but rather, by what he may become.

I don’t like Facebook either.