The demographic conquest of America

In two pictures:

You may not see race. But race sees you. There is another, more accurate term for “proposition nation”. And that is “not-a-nation”.

Let reason and conservative principles shut the fuck up when observable consequences falsify their conclusions. People of color are not protecting America from fascism, they are turning Americans into ultras.

Meanwhile, in response to a previous post, a reader admits that a mixed-race background does not negate the historical patterns, it merely complicates their consequences:

Some hard truths in this one for me personally, but ones which have been demonstrated by own mixed Han/Caucasian family. Two adult children who can each pass for one race but not the other. They have sorted themselves accordingly with one moving to a Han-majority country and the other to a Caucasian-majority country. They each date exclusively from the race that matches their appearance. This was accomplished without any prodding from my wife or myself.

That’s what it means when they say “your skin is your uniform”. The problem is that as the level of ethnic strife rises, one’s ability to make these decisions is constricted by the willingness of groups to accept those on the margins. I expect there will be hundreds of thousands of families riven and ruined by their past racial indifference and virtue-signaling.