Cheetos McCuck on the Alt-Right

Poor old Glenn Beck has absolutely no idea what is coming for him or how thoroughly his feeble cuckservatism has rendered itself irrelevant:

There are words that you may not have ever heard before or heard sparingly. But now all of a sudden, they are everywhere. And other terms and ideas that were not a conservative driving force — for instance, trade barriers. That’s not conservative. How come trade barriers are now suddenly so huge? There are ideas that were never conservative, but most of us just go, “Huh. I must have missed something. All of a sudden, this is everywhere. I don’t know what that is.” The way they’re describing things with new spins, the ideas might sound really good. We just dismiss and support them or accept them. If you repost (phonetic), one of the easiest wonders to know, you are now entering the world of the alt-right is the cuckservative. That word was nowhere. What the hell is a cuckservative? Right? How many times have you thought of that?

STU: This is a weird segment, man. We started out with masturbation shows, and now we’re on to cuckservatives.

GLENN: Right. This is an easy sign to see that the writer has either been deeply influenced without his knowledge or is a member of the alt-right.

PAT: What is a cuckservative? I don’t know what that is.

STU: Yeah. Cuckold.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: It’s — eh. I mean, it’s not really stuff we can really talk about. But it’s basically — it started out as a racist slur, essentially.


STU: Saying that you don’t — you care so little, you’re giving up your wife to black people, is essentially the accusation. And when you are —

PAT: Oh, we’ve been cuckolded?

GLENN: Yes, yes.

PAT: Okay.

GLENN: But notice it has its roots in racism.

STU: Of course.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: So cuckservative is a cuckold and conservative put together.

PAT: Oh.

GLENN: This is a word specifically designed by the alt-right. So when you see that word, warning. That should be a warning sign. But most people are just like, “Yeah, I like that word, or what is that that word?” They either dismiss, it or they adopt it. Do not adopt it.

Cheetos McCuck doesn’t understand the Alt-Right, he doesn’t understand that the conservative movement is moribund, if not completely dead, and he doesn’t understand that he can see what a cuckservative is by looking in the bloody mirror.

Look at these morons still trying to make hay out of being less racist than thou at a time when, as per Alt-Right expectations, white identity in America and nationalism in Europe is aggressively on the rise. And yet, they are STILL more determined to fight the Alt-Right than the globalist enemy that has repeatedly and thoroughly vanquished them.

At least he got this part right: It is causing the alt-right to — to have a fan base because they’re the only ones saying, “We have to stop this.”

That’s why conservatives and cuckservatives alike are useless. Conservatives are too in love with their hypothetical propositions to be able to take a stand and cuckservatives are, above all, determined to avoid being called racist. Neither is in any shape to oppose the Alt-Right. They’ll roll over for us even faster than they do for the globalists. As David French has demonstrated, all it takes is a few Pepe and oven memes to send them running away crying for help from the Left.

Glenn, if you want your listeners to know what a cuckservative is, you should probably have them read the definitive book on the subject, CUCKSERVATIVE: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America. As a bonus, they’ll also understand why they find it increasingly hard to take anything you say seriously these days.

We as conservatives are for global trade. We are for — we’re not isolationists. We are not our country is better and your country sucks, so we should be able to destroy you. We should be proud of what we have, just like I’m proud of my country — my family. But that doesn’t make my family better than your family.

Globalist is now a term to describe anyone. Notice anyone who is for free trade, is now a globalist. People who were deep — deeply respected intellectual conservatives. Krauthammer, George Will, they’re now cuckservatives and globalists? Jonah Goldberg is now a globalist. I am now a globalist. That word is being thrown around everywhere. But it’s thrown around by people who are in the alt-right.

That’s because free trade IS globalism, you gurning, Cheetos-dusted equalitarian cuck. Free trade REQUIRES the free movement of people who aren’t any better or any different than anyone else and the total destruction of nations and national sovereignty to function.