It all comes together

In one glorious, feminist cuckservative anti-racist dyscivilizational Churchian heresy:

An old friend of mine has a sister who decided to go back to college and get a degree in “ministry.” This was on her hard-working husband’s dime, obviously. She has four young-children at home, including one she adopted from Africa and uses as a virtue signal all over social media.

Anyway, she “preached a sermon” at an area church last Sunday. Of course, she plastered it all over the various relevant social media apps so she can emotionally masturbate in the “Christian” feminist echo chamber. My wife showed me the title of the sermon:

“Exploring the justice of the Holy Spirit, which often shows up as a holy disruption and upsets the status quo of an unjust empire.”

The thrilling frontier of female preaching.

Satan is fortunate to not possess a material body, or he would be at regular risk of rupturing something inside, seeing as how much what passes for the modern Church regularly provides for him to laugh at.

William S. Lind is right. The West really needs to revive the practice of burning witches.