White flight in England

The British are in the process of learning why America is so racist and violent.

White populations in towns and cities are dwindling at record levels and in extreme cases have halved in a decade, it was revealed today. In Newham, east London, just 16 per cent of the population are white, compared to 33 per cent ten years ago.

Academic Ted Cantle, a Government adviser of community cohesion, says by the 2021 census the polarisation will be even greater and suggests Government intervention like ensuring ethnic balance by ‘placing pupils in diverse schools’.

The report says many towns and cities, such as Birmingham, Leicester, Slough, Luton, Bradford and London, have seen areas develop where the white British population is ‘increasingly dwindling’ as minorities increase. Professor Cantle cites Blackburn as one of the most segregated towns in Britain whose Whalley Range area is now 95 per cent Asian and the local butcher admits he has never served a white Briton.

Today’s landmark report suggests the state intervenes to halt the white majority becoming increasingly segregated from growing ethnic populations in urban areas. One suggestion is the ‘bussing’ in of white children into schools with high ethnic populations, or vice-versa.

It has been used in America in schools where more than 85 per cent of students are from the same background. A ‘quota’ from the an alternate ethnic group is then sent by bus from another nearby area.

The report says: ‘Politicians and policy-makers need to encourage white British residents to remain in diverse areas; to choose, rather than avoid, diverse areas when they do re-locate, encouraging similar choices with respect to placing pupils in diverse schools; in other words to create a positive choice for mixed areas and a shared society’

Bussing. Right. Because that worked SO WELL in the USA. The amusing part is the Asians complaining that no sooner do they invade a white neighborhood than the whites leave and force them to live surrounded by – the horror – other people like them!

Soon, there will be nowhere left to run, nowhere left to fly. What, then, will the British people do?