Do you still doubt?

Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in Israel, of all places, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Trump received 49% of the Israeli-American vote, while Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton got 44%, according to the poll conducted by get-out-the-vote organization iVoteIsrael and KEEVOON Global Research. Another 2% voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

I’ll admit it, I did NOT see THAT coming. That suggests Hillary won’t hold the usual heavy Democratic advantage among the Jewish vote. She won’t hold it among, blacks, Hispanics, or women either. So, you know what that means….

UPDATE: Upon further review, this may not be good news after all. Obama only got 15 percent against Romney and 24 percent against McCain. Also, turnout was reportedly down 50,000 from 2012. I don’t know what to make of that.

UPDATE: But news that Trump is now OH +5, AZ +5, NH +1, NC +3, NV +6, CO tie, and VA +3 in various state polls is all very promising indeed.