Mike and Milo won the election

Apparently the Washington Post is throwing in the towel early:

The only true winners of this election are trolls

The guiding lights of this crowd — people like the right-wing blogger Mike Cernovich and Breitbart tech columnist Milo Yiannopoulos — have become not only legends on their own hashtags, but leading figures in the offline Trump movement. Cernovich, an erstwhile pickup artist who is largely responsible for the rumors about Clinton’s health, encourages his followers to abide by the maxims “conflict is attention” and “attention is influence.” Yiannopolous, meanwhile, was famously suspended from Twitter for inciting the racist harassment of the actress Leslie Jones, which he defended on the grounds that he’s a “prankster.”

In other words, he harassed Jones as some sort of nihilistic joke — a metaphor for online culture, if I’ve ever heard one.

This is a quasi-concession that Trump is going to win. After all, there has been no bigger nor more successful troll this election season than the ascendant God-Emperor. As the Post writer herself writes:

Phillips is deeply concerned about figures like Cernovich and Yiannopoulos — and, above them, Trump himself. For surely no one else has been so successful at cynically exploiting cultural tensions to get a reaction. 

Mike has an entirely different take.

Based on what we know about the media cover-up of Hillary’s health, it’s clear sick Hillary had another health spell, which isn’t being reported. For no reason at all today, the media is lying about me in an effort to discredit my reporting on Hillary Clinton’s extensive health issues. Based on what we know about the media, it’s certain that Clinton had another health episode. Unlike at the 9/11 Memorial event, there was no one outside of the hoaxing media to report it…. Based on the media’s prior attacks on me, I predict another health event for Hillary soon. It’s likely that she had a recent episode on her airplane, outside of the prying eyes of citizen journalists.

That, or the Post writers know something even more damning is now on the boil behind closed doors. The health issue could, conceivably, be an excuse to permit her to drop out of the race quietly rather than be publicly forced out by a public arrest.