Pax trolls a “presidential candidate”

Pax Dickinson ♔ ‏@paxdickinson
what will the name of the Mormon genocide be?

15% Mormocaust
17% Mormodomor
42% Mormogeddon
26% Mormopalooza

Evan McMullin ‏@Evan_McMullin
This goes beyond mere rhetoric.  It is another threat of violence by the bigoted movement @realDonaldTrump has inspired in America.

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
@Evan_McMullin You’re scared of @realDonaldTrump, so Americans should expect you to stand up to ISIS and Vladimir Putin? Does not compute.

Of course, Egghead McMormon is about as legitimate a presidential candidate as he is straight. What a pathetic, limp-wristed little dishrag of a man. I am a little disappointed in Pax, though. Or at least his followers. I would have gone with Mormodomor.

As for Mormons, I have nothing against them beyond their clueless cuckiness. They can wear whatever underwear and dream of ruling whatever imaginary planets they like as far as I’m concerned. Some of my ancestors cut out human hearts and flayed people as part of their religious ceremonies, so I’m not inclined to throw many stones in that regard. But if they somehow manage hand the USA over to Hillary Clinton, I most certainly will. One can excuse them sticking Americans with four years of Obama; it’s not their fault Captain Underoos was a feckless loser and one has to excuse a group for standing by one of their own.

But to then turn around and try to stab the God-Emperor in the back as he ascends? No, there will be no forgiveness for that. Fortunately, I am confident that Trump will not only win Utah, he won’t even need Utah’s electoral points.