They cuck and cluck in vain

The concern trolls have been out in force the last few days. Just a few of the many examples I’ve seen here, on Twitter, and even on Gab.

  • It’t like you’re really trying to damage alt right’s image even further with this Dan Brown-like occult conspiracy crap…
  • Read Snopes. False and this has been debunked.
  • Spirit cooking is not a satanic ritual, it is an artistic act performed by Marina since 1996
  • I have read a lot of the emails on Wikileaks and they are kinda boring and don’t seem to say much of anything. Does anyone know where the juicy incriminating ones are?
  • Worshipping Satan and being weird isn’t against the law. Don’t let this stuff distract from the real issues.
  • I have seen no evidence that Hillary Clinton is involved in anything. Stefan claims to have a high IQ, am decidedly unimpressed by him.
  • First of all, nothing the alt-right has is new…. Second, these are all rumors. The Wikileaks (assuming they aren’t just lies manufactured by Putin, given that it is acknowledged by all that he has a very keen interest in this election and that he is the puppetmaster behind Wikileaks) emails only show that a Clinton aide was invited to a bizarre ritual. It doesn’t even say if he said “yes,” for crying out loud! That’s quite a lot of extrapolation coming from some very fertile imaginations here.
  • I’m nervous, it’s shouldn’t be a tight race, and yet it is. But stooping to “witch-craft” is a whole different level of desperation.
  • Yes, we have uncovered massive conspiracy of evul pagan satanist pedo liberals who are not only trying to steal out jahbs, but also our children!! 
  • It is all connected, colors on that pizza surely signify some alchemical process or something… they are now stealing our jahbs trough alchemy too!!!!!! I shall notify my pastor this instant!!
  • Thing is, you are at a point where it is painfully obvious that you are either: 1. Desperate or 2. Ironic
  • Good catch, my brother in Trump!!! I shall compare its exact shape with all symbols found in my compendia of kabbalistic and hermetic symbolism… Gaze not upon it overlong, for chances are that you lack my extensive spiritual warfare training!!

As Ransom observed:

They must be scared. I’ve seen more concern trolling since late Thursday when spirit cooking first hit, than I have at any other point except for maybe Hillary’s health stuff.

And as Wreckage noticed:

Well, I thought it was a stretch, but the fact that half a dozen guys appeared out of nowhere and commented ONLY on this? Smells like fear.

Darth Dharmakīrti added:

It’s really amazing to see the shills come out. I have to admit I was initially skeptical of the idea that CTR is directly involved. But hanging around here for a while, you notice a pattern–like during the first debate, when you could hardly get a signal across for all the noise.

What’s telling to me about the shill interference on this thread is that it’s coming at a very strange time. I must admit that I honestly thought Anonymous was going to drop something yesterday, and VD had several threads about it. Wasn’t that the time to engage in this kind of tactic? It might even have been effective, since it really was all a big nothingburger (at least so far; I pray Wikileaks engages Phase 3 tomorrow). It might actually have demoralized some people here, including myself.

Instead, they show up when the topic is Besta Pizza and neighboring businesses. That tells me to keep digging, because we just struck a nerve.

Now, as I said in my previous post, I don’t give a damn about “credibility”. I’ve been told since 2001 that I have absolutely no credibility, so why should I suddenly start caring about it now? Nor is the “distraction” argument convincing. Donald Trump isn’t being distracted. The people around him aren’t being distracted. His thousands of operatives aren’t being distracted. Not one single Trump supporter is being prevented from voting by the channers and others who are digging into this mountain of filth in search of evidence that will convict these monsters of evil. The God-Emperor will ascend to the Cherry Blossom Throne next week regardless of what we post here.

One would do well to wonder why those who cuck and cluck about “distractions” don’t complain about NFL posts or any other post that doesn’t directly relate to the unvarnished evils of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle.

This was my favorite response of them all:

Fucking gamergate, man.  I just fucking wanted to play videogames and here I am, working on rooting out ancient one world government kabbals and pedophilia rings. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

I love you guys. I really do. Hold to the truth, wherever it leads you, and it will eventually bring you to the Way, the Truth, and the Life.