No shills, trolls, or cucks

From today until after the election, the moderators and I will be ruthlessly spamming all shills, cucks, and trolls attempting to spread demoralization among the Right. I don’t care if you are “genuinely concerned”, I don’t care if you are “just afraid” or “nervous”. In case it isn’t obvious to you already, I despise cowards and I see no reason to tolerate the paid petty operatives of the Left either.

If you put it in the comments, you will be spammed. Which, you will note, may affect your ability to comment here and on other Blogger blogs in the future.

There will be no appeals, no protests, and no consideration given to anyone whose comment is spammed, so don’t even bother. And if you dislike this temporary policy, please recall that I am, as many describe me, of the Alt-Right.

And We. Don’t. Care.

UPDATE: Trump is now up by 2.4 percent in the IBD/TIPP national poll, which has been the most accurate since 2004, with an average error of 0.9 percent, 43.1 to 40.7.

However, it also gives 8.5 percent to Johnson and Stein, which is about 6.5 percent too high, plus another 7.7 percent to “others” and “undecided”. Still, that’s Trump’s best performance in IBD to date, so he’s obviously peaking at the right time.