People are PISSED

When even TIM TEBOW is tweeting politics, that’s a pretty good sign that the average American is not buying the FBI’s inaction. He tweeted this earlier.

Hillary: I never received classified emails.

FBI: You had your maid print classified emails.

Hillary: You got me. Now what?

FBI: Nothing.

There is also this from @magicroyalty:

It took FBI Director Comey 1 yr to go through 60K emails, and 4 days to go through 650K emails. Nothing to see here folks! #RiggedSystem

650,000 Emails
9 Days
72,222 A Day
3000 An Hour
50 A Minute 
About 1 A Second

#RiggedSystem #Corruption 

15 months, as it happens. And then there is Ben Garrison’s inimitable take.