RCP: 272 to 266

The latest – perhaps even final – RCP No Toss Up States map has Hillary Clinton hanging on by her blood-stained fingernails, 272-266. Long vanished are all the claims of an easy Clinton win, which, as I have repeatedly stated, were complete fiction from the start. Trump only needs to take ONE toss up state they’ve given her from the following list of six to win:

  • NH
  • PA
  • MI
  • CO
  • NM
  • VA

Of these, I think New Hampshire and Pennsylvania are the most likely. I think he’ll take both, and Michigan and Colorado as well. Meanwhile, several Minnesotans have told me, in all seriousness, that they expect Trump to take Minnesota. I find that almost impossible to believe, considering that Minnesota has historically been the most reliably Democratic state in the country, but people are extremely unhappy about losing Dinkytown to the Somalis and the Mall of America to the blacks, and about the St. Cloud mall stabbings. In any case, I’m just relaying what I’ve been told.

Of potential relevance:

Four Presidential polls of likely voters were released today for Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia, showing Donald Trump with a lead in each state. The Trafalgar Group (TFG), a national political consulting and public relations firm, conducted the polls from November 3rd through November 6th. “We expect Trump to have an overwhelming victory in Georgia, an outside the margin of error win in Florida, as well as close wins in Pennsylvania and Michigan.”