“CUCK!” he cucked, cuckingly

The media cucks continue their cucking, even in the face of the Trumpening and the utter destruction of their credibility.

“I retract none of the warnings that I issued about the likelihood of catastrophe and crisis on his watch. I fear the risks of a Trump presidency as I have feared nothing in our politics before. But he will be the president, thanks to a crude genius that identified all the weak spots in our parties and our political system and that spoke to a host of voters for whom that system promised at best a sustainable stagnation under the tutelage of a distant and self-satisfied elite. So we must hope that he has the wit to be more than a wrecker, more than a demagogue, and that his crude genius can actually be turned, somehow, to the common good. And if that hope is dashed, we must find ways to resist him — all of us, right and left, in the new chapter of American history that has opened very unexpectedly tonight.”
Ross Douthat

“Hugh, this is where I really, really hope you were right about the potential of a Trump admin, and I was really, really wrong.”
David French

“I will never apologize for opposing Trump with all I had.”
Rick Wilson

“It’s so weird.  The guy I didn’t want to win beat the woman I didn’t want to win and I’m okay with it.”
Erick Erickson

“It looks like Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. I can’t say I’m rejoicing about his victory — though Hillary Clinton’s defeat is certainly welcome. This is nothing short of an amazing achievement. I’m not sure one can exaggerate what a remarkable accomplishment this is, whether you’re a fan, foe, critic, or skeptic. My views on Trump are well known and I stand by them all. Except, of course, for my skepticism about his chances of winning. I was clearly wrong about that.”
Jonah Goldberg

 I did not vote for him (or Hillary Clinton), and I do not think he will be a good president…. I don’t think Trump has it in him, but again, I hope I am wrong. The good of our nation and indeed of the world depends on it. Trump has achieved something that is of world-historical importance, and that cannot be taken away from him. He knew how weak the system was, if few others did. He pushed, and it came down.

I was wrong about his prospects for victory, but I still take pleasure in the wailing and gnashing of teeth among the elites of both parties, and especially of the media. That pleasure, though, is sharply curtailed by a fear of what this means for the future of the nation and the world. I do not believe for one second that the left will reconcile itself to a Trump victory. I believe there will be violence. I hope I am as wrong about that as I was about the possibility that Trump would be elected. But I remember the thugs who beat Trump supporters outside California rallies, and I believe those people will come out of the woodwork now. And I fear that Trump will handle the crisis they force very badly.
– Rod Dreher

The real snakes, however, are responding in a manner more akin to Ben Shapiro. They are suddenly pretending that they are glad to see Trump ascend, and within six months, will be claiming to have been staunch supporters of the God-Emperor all along.

The biggest losers, according to Polizette:

The National Review Editorial Board

In its staunch opposition to Trump, the National Review proved itself to be as out of touch and elitist as the liberals it frequently took to task. The magazine had forgotten its roots. No longer willing to stand athwart history yelling stop, it resigned itself to standing meekly by muttering not so fast.

Indeed, the magazine had become too wedded to neoconservative foreign policy and neoliberal economic policy, forgetting that the prime role of a conservative is — as the name suggests — to conserve, not to allow the middle class to be eroded and wage war across much of the Middle East.

Bill Kristol and the Weekly Standard

The neoconservatives may still have their claws firmly around the National Review, but Trump’s win proves once and for all their grip on the GOP has ended. Kristol and his neoconservative cabal at the Weekly Standard were more unwilling than even the National Review to treat Trump as a serious candidate.

Indeed, so distraught were they at the thought of a Trump presidency that they even fielded their own candidate — Evan McMullin — to run against Trump after failing to draft National Review writer David French for the ego-driven, electoral suicide mission.

But, as ever, it is the clueless anklebiters here who provide the most amusement.

You guys will be crying yourself soon enough, when you realize how easily you were played and what damage is going to be done to conservative movement…

We. Are. Not. Conservatives.

We are Alt-Right.

We. Don’t. Care.

The Alt-Right Revolution has only begun.