As the pendulum swings

“TotalBiscuit makes it clear any person who voted Trump is not welcome as his audience.”

As he has gone full SJW, gamers can can certainly stop paying attention to him. Why would any Trump supporter want to support him now anyhow?

And you knew John Scalzi would be good for an attack or two on Donald Trump’s supporters. Both on Twitter:

John Scalzi ✔ @scalzi
This just in: supporters of a racist presidential candidate upset and offended to be called out on their racism. Get used to it, folks.

And on his blog:

I’m a well-off straight white man, which means of all the segments of the population, the Trump years will likely punish me the least — I may have to adjust my investments so I don’t lose tons of money when the stock market tumbles (or just be willing to ride it out, just like in 2008), but otherwise, in the short-term at least, I’m likely to be fine. I can’t say the same for my friends and loved ones who are women or minorities or LGTBQ or who struggle financially to make ends meet, or some combination of all of those. I wish I could say to them that it’ll be fine and that they’ll be able to ride out the next four (or, God forbid, eight) years, but I can’t. Trump, himself racist and sexist, brought a bunch of racists and sexists and homophobes to the dance, and now he’s obliged to dance with them. Things could get pretty ugly for everyone who isn’t a well-off straight white man. Things are likely to get ugly. A lot of my friends are scared of Trump’s America, in other words, and they should be. 

They should be scared. Of course, Johnny should be scared too. It’s over. The pendulum is swinging back, and it is going to swing back hard. The SJWs did their best to discredit and disemploy and destroy us.

Now it’s our turn.