“Cuck!” she urged, cuckingly

Why on Earth would anyone, especially Donald Trump, listen to the woman who twice voted for Obama, who didn’t see Trump winning the Republican nomination, and expected him to lose to Hillary Clinton?

It was a natural, self-driven eruption. Which makes it all the more impressive and moving. And it somehow makes it more beautiful that few saw it coming.

On the way home Wednesday morning I thought of my friend who runs the neighborhood shoe-repair shop. He is elderly, Italian-American, an immigrant. I had asked him last winter who would win the Republican nomination and he looked at me as if I were teasing. “Troomp!” he instructed. I realized at that moment: In America now only normal people can see the obvious. Everyone else is lost in a data-filled fog.

That was true right up to the end.

Those who come to this space know why I think what happened, happened. The unprotected people of America, who have to live with Washington’s policies, rebelled against the protected, who make and defend those policies and who care little if at all about the unprotected. That broke bonds of loyalty and allegiance. Tuesday was in effect an uprising of the unprotected. It was part of the push-back against detached elites that is sweeping the West and was seen most recently in the Brexit vote.

The previous 16 months were, for the Trump campaign, the victory project. What has to begin now is the reassurance project. The Democratic Party is in shock but will soon recover. Mainstream media, tired and taken aback, will reorient soon. Having targeted Mr. Trump in the campaign, they won’t be letting up now. Firing will quickly commence.

There is something I have seen very personally the past few days. The impolite way to put it is the left believed its own propaganda. The polite way is that having listened to Mr. Trump on the subjects of women and minorities, etc., they sincerely understand Mr. Trump and Trumpism to be an actual threat to their personal freedom. Trump supporters are overwhelmingly citizens of good will and patriotic intent who never deserved to be deplored as racist, sexist, thuggish. But some were not so benign or healthy.

The past few days I’ve heard from a young man who fears Jews will be targeted and told me of Muslim friends now nervous on the street. There was the beautiful lady with the blue-collar job who, when asked how she felt about the election, told me she is a lesbian bringing up two foreign-born adopted children and fears she will be targeted and her children somehow removed from her.

Many fear they will no longer be respected. They need to know things they rely on are still there. They don’t understand what has happened, and are afraid. They need—and deserve—reassurance.

What a terminally stupid woman. What an eminently characteristic cuckservative. This column clearly demonstrates three things:

  1. Moderates and cuckservatives have no idea how to win, and no idea what to do with a victory when someone else hands them one.
  2. Moderates and cuckservatives are always more concerned about the other side, and what it thinks of them, than they are about those whose side they claim, however nominally, to be on.
  3. Moderates and cuckservatives never stop to rethink their course no matter how often they were previously wrong.

And yet, I hope Mr. Trump listens very carefully to what the likes of Peggy Noonan advise him. Then, he would do well to review his decisions and make sure that absolutely none of his actions are in line with their advice. They are a reliable guide to failure.

Those who fear they will no longer be respected should understand they will not be respected. They will be rejected. The things they rely on will not be there. They will receive no reassurance from the Alt-Right. We are rising, we are winning, and we will not be merciful.

Don’t hesitate to fling their failure in the faces of your friends, family, and colleagues who are freaking out on social media and in your social circles. Fan their fears. Encourage them to expose themselves. Stoke their panic. Don’t let them think that you agree with them, or respect their opinion. They’ve rubbed their opinions in your face for years, for decades in some cases. Now it is time to return the favor, with interest.

Remember, you cannot convince such people of the truth through reason. You know that. They cannot learn through information. That is why this is the time to strike, and strike hard. Only now, when they are reeling in emotional pain and confusion, can the rhetoricals be convinced and reprogrammed. And through their need to escape the pain, they will learn to love the God-Emperor as passionately, and as mindlessly, as they once loved the false gods of the Left.