Stop, or he’ll say stop again

John Scalzi hasn’t learned that no one cares anymore.

John Scalzi ‏@scalzi
This just in: supporters of a racist presidential candidate upset and offended to be called out on their racism. Get used to it, folks.

John Scalzi ‏@scalzi
Woke up to people offended about my tweet about how people voting for a racist are offended about being accused of racism. Well, yes.

Francisco Silva @DrCisco
@scalzi I wouldn’t say they are all racist, but they definitely all voted for a racist, so it ends up the same. They are “racism enablers”

John Scalzi ‏@scalzi
John Scalzi Retweeted Francisco Silva
Yup. If you voted for a out-loud racist with racist plans, you voted for racism, and, you know. That’s racist.

Robot @_RobotPanda
@scalzi I’m seeing you and all the other salty democrats are dead set on electing Trump a second time in 2020.

John Scalzi ‏@scalzi
This is the “if you call people out on their racism, they’re going to keep doing racist things to spite you!” argument.

John Scalzi ‏@scalzi
The Cinemax Theory of Racism. Or, why voting Trump was racism, even if you don’t see yourself as A racist.

That’s just it. We ARE used to being called racist. And you know what? WE DON’T CARE. It’s not the irony of a dishonest and hypocritical white SJW living in a 99.99 percent white rural Bradford, Ohio calling people who are actually multiracial or living in diversity-enriched places that renders people indifferent, it’s the fact that the emotional pain of being called disqualifying names is now considerably less than the emotional pain of discovering that you’re increasingly surrounded by diversity and vibrancy.

Not that this will convince McRapey that if he just calls people “racist” a few thousand more times, they’ll totally come to see things his way. SJWs always double down.

Minnesota didn’t nearly go for Trump because the DFL voters liked Trump’s policies, but because what used to be Camp Snoopy is now a vibrant-infested Camp of the Saints and Dinkytown has been invaded by 100,000 Somalis, several of whom have died in suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks around the world. Those places are no longer Minnesotan in any meaningful sense, they are now African, and most Minnesotans don’t want to live in Africa. They are nice people, they don’t hate anyone, but one doesn’t have to hate a people to not want to live in their country rather than one’s own.

The more time passes, the more whites are learning that they would much rather be called racist than suffer living in a diverse and vibrant society as the possibilities for white flight disappear. The more time passes, the more whites are going to decide that they are willing to do as the Hispanics and Asians do, and drive out diversity and vibrancy from their societies.

This is what is called “the right of free association.” The right to freely associate comprises, after all, the right to disassociate.

And let’s not forget, John, that you voted for a Satanist pedophile….