Mailvox: the self-deportations begin

A reader reports from Texas:

Since Election Day I know of two people and their families who have self-deported back south of the border. Both were Hispanic and one I know was from Mexico. In both cases the families were middle to upper middle class. I know no details of criminality, anyone who asked them to leave, or told them to get out. One family pulled their kids out of school and vanished practically the next day.

I’m guessing that these families won’t be the last in this income bracket as moving back down south will be much easier if it is voluntary. Anyone who has lived in a border state knows that some from south of the border travel back and forth illegally with regularity. The narrative is that it’s just the poorest coming across, but that simply isn’t true. Many times they are here for the work, are educated, but with no intention of staying.

Please remember that almost two-thirds of Hispanics support Trump’s immigration policies. So don’t think that every Hispanic in the nation wants open borders. Far from it in fact. Part of the reason is that many of them did come into the country legally and spent a lot of time and money getting their citizenships. The idea that people who just happen to slip across get rewarded with a fast track to citizenship infuriates them.

Further demonstrating that the “impossibility” of returning the USA to the promised 1965 demographics is about as impossible as Donald Trump winning the presidential election.