Debt + Diversity = Community Death

A tale of white flight:

I’m devastated. My husband and I saved for 10 years to buy our dream home and since then a bunch of loud, gangster Latinos have moved into our neighborhood. They’ve started having late-night parties every week, drugs, scary-looking guys, etc.

We are going to lose our home’s value if we don’t sell asap. When we saw another gang banger party starting tonight two houses down I cried and cried. I love my my home. I wanted to grow old here. I wanted to retire here and die here. It’s completely unfair.

As soon as I’m well enough,after the baby is born we have to put our beautiful home on the market. Why, why do these people have the “right” to do this to our communities?

This is the response to every cuckservative, Churchian, SJW sob story about how “unfair” it is to send home invaders who “only want a better life for themselves and their children”. They don’t have any right to that “better life” because it is coming at the expense of the native peoples.

It’s not just the immigration. It’s the low-interest loans that permit the shifting of the demand curve upward. This is why discrimination, racial or otherwise, is not only moral, it is necessary, and why anti-discrimination laws are themselves immoral, destructive, and ultimately dyscivilizational.

Every community should have the right to pass laws banning anyone they don’t want in their community from being permitted to buy homes there. If people want to live in a mixed community, then let the community permit that. And if people don’t, they should not be forced to do so, or have the wishes of an entire community overturned by one indifferent party who is leaving anyhow.