Anyone seen John Podesta lately?

Cheese pizza ring smashed in Norway:

Norwegian police have filed charges against 51 individuals involved in a grotesque paedophilia ring thought to be one of the largest child sexual abuse cases in the nation’s history.
Dubbed ‘Operation Dark Room’, the police action revealed a number of atrocities against children as young as infancy.

Police seized 150 terabytes of data material in the form of photos, movies and chat transcripts between members of various paedophile networks.

“The material shows the abuse of children of all ages, including infants,” Hilde Reikrås, the head of Operation Dark Room, said at a press conference on Sunday.

#Pizzagate. The Canadian news was old. The Norwegian news is not.

UPDATE: And now there is #Twittergate to go with it.

Daily Star Online revealed how thousands of sick accounts hosting graphic images had been exposed by a gamer known only as Molly in an incident dubbed “Twittergate” online.

The indecent images of boys and girls, often accompanied by the caption “legalise 14”, were flagged to Twitter.

Twitter has yet to make comment in response to the claims.

The revelations have sent shockwaves through the online community, who are repulsed that the social network is being used to produce and distribute indecent images of children.

There have been concerns over the alleged censorship of whistleblowers too, as Twitter tries to remove any indecent images from the web.

Many claim it was the company’s attempt to whitewash the situation.

However, Twitter explained to Molly that it had suspended her account because “regardless of intent, posting such images or links puts our users in danger of commiting a serious crime by accessing that content. This content is not allowed on Twitter and we do take action to remove it wehn it is reported to us.”

User BernforBernie wrote: “And Twitter decides to shut down the messenger.”

There is material evil in this world. Never, ever, think that it does not exist.