Mailvox: stuck on cuck

It’s clearly going to take more than the ascendance of the God-Emperor to get some conservatives unstuck from their cuckish clinging to increasingly outdated ideology politics. Consider one self-professed Alt-Right sympathizer on Twitter:

  • I think worldview is what’s important and race is a lazy proxy.
  • Race is just a proxy. It’s a lazy way to categorize. I think it’s important to do the hard work.
  • I know it’s hard but if the alt-right could substitute worldview for race, it would be more powerful.

Translation: if only reality would accede to my fantasies, what a wonderful world this would be! This sort of conservative tends to remind me of the white liberals who californicated Colorado and are now californicating Texas.

Sure, what I believed before completely failed, so I had to leave, and even though you haven’t asked for my opinion, I’m going to help you improve through making this place more comfortable for me by making it more like the place I just left!

The question from the emailer, who is a reader, is, as you would expect, considerably more intelligent.

Is a racial identity the only identity option, or merely the most reliable or probable given historical precedent? Put differently, is there a deterministic nature to it, or just probabilistic?

I ask this in that racial identity seems to be only an initial filter, and ideological identity always follows soon afterwards.

Is there a specific reason you believe the ideological can’t be the first filter?

Off the cuff it seems like it can’t because we don’t really know what people think or believe, and people can lie, so we sort first by the most obvious traits and then afterwards by the more subtle.

It feels like the effort to sort primarily by ideology and secondarily by race is at the root of the “proposition nation” concept, that there would be a nation unified by an identity which superseded racial identity.

If the failure of the “proposition nation” was that it had no identity, let alone one which superseded racial identity, then in spirit the idea could exist if an identity which superseded race actually existed.

I believe that identity could exist within biblical Christianity, but given that it is personal and not political (like Islam or Judaism which have detailed theocratic components built in), perhaps the only unity possible in this life even with a Christian identity is genuinely “in spirit”?

Racial identity is not the only identity option. The two primary identities are race and religion. Again, to quote the founder of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew,

“In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

The recent presidential election demonstrates that race is a more powerful identity than religion, as more Mormons in Utah voted for Trump than for Evan McMullin, although the fact that so many Mormons were willing to vote for a no-hoper like McMuffin demonstrates the power of religious identity.

The irony is that those who desperately want to cling to the idea of a proposition nation fail to grasp that the only possible alternative to a race-based nationalities in the West is Christian theocracy, complete with a Department of Inquisition. I have yet to see a single person who cringes at the thought of nationalism and professes to be concerned about black and brown Christians endorse the concept of expelling every individual who does not share a Christian identity.

If you don’t like either race war or identity politics, then you should not have stupidly embraced immigration from other nations with competing identities. But it’s too late now, so it’s time to get unstuck from the cuck. You’re going to do it sooner or later, so you might as well accept the truth and spare yourself the embarrassment of having to look back on a series of desperate evasions and intellectual dishonesties to go with your previous mistakes.

And for the love of all that is good and holy, beautiful and true, don’t even think about quoting Galatians at me. Just spare yourself the inevitable humiliation.