Milo reviews Silenced

He gives himself 10 out of 10. And, he also happens to mention, as a brief aside, Mike Cernovich’s film isn’t bad either:

I feel compelled to set aside my trademark modesty in order to review Silenced, a new documentary in which I briefly appear. To get the most important thing out of the way, I rate my performance 10 MILOs out of 10.

Silenced was crowdfunded by producer and Twitter celebrity Mike Cernovich and director Loren Feldman to document the state of free speech in America. The timing couldn’t be better, as we’ve just witnessed Twitter attempting to purge the alt-right and various libertarian and conservative personalities from its platform as revenge for Donald Trump’s victory.

Several of the people who appear in Silenced were targeted in the purge, including Pax Dickinson and the pseudonymous Ricky Vaughn.

Silenced is a different type of documentary to Cassie Jaye’s The Red Pill, which I also examined recently. Jay’s movie told a specific story: her exploration and eventual sympathy with the men’s rights movement. Silenced takes a different approach, relying on its interview subjects to make the case for free speech.

Mike and Loren did a solid and professional job on an important subject, and they’ve paved the way for the Right to start fighting the culture war on a new front: film. Thanks very much to all of the VFM and Dread Ilk who helped them do it!

I’m in it too, by the way. I give myself 3 MILOs. Frankly, it was bordering on the miraculous that Loren managed to figure out a way to get me in there at all.