Shooting at Ohio State

There was a minor attack of some kind at Ohio State University:

At least 8 people have reportedly been injured in a mass shooting at Ohio State University. Columbus Fire Department officials tell CBS affiliate WBNS that 8 people have been transported to area hospitals.

Seven of those patients were reportedly stable, at least one of them critical.

Law enforcement say one suspect has been shot and is dead.

Police tell WBNS that the incident started around 9:30 a.m. this morning when a vehicle ran into the chemical engineering building.

Some reports coming in say that some of the victims have been stabbed, with at least 4 being shot.

No word on if it is Sudden Jihad Syndrome, but the fact that it took place at the chemical engineering building tends to indicate that it wasn’t an omega taking out his frustrations on women.

UPDATE: AAAANNND it’s Muslims. A Minnesota Man, to be precise, which I understand is the proper way to pronounce Somali. So sad. Another Magic Dirt fail.