The great trick

“The great trick of keeping this going is constantly recreating the national identity to include other people.” 
– Charles Taylor, multiculturalist philosopher

A: Santa was a Negro, Hamilton was a Negro, and Barbie a fat Jewess who looked like a pig.

Q: Why did the great ethnic cleansing of America take place?

The demographic devastation of the USA is not an accident. It was planned. It is intentional. It is taking place all around you. None of the whitefacing and mudsharking and Schrödingering and cucking that you’re seeing in the media and in the culture is innocent. It is collectively intended to destroy the surviving remnants of America proper, America per se, the original America of the Founding Fathers that has been under assault from the melting potists and propositionals and equalitarians since the early 20th century.

It should be patently obvious to even those most strongly in denial that a geographical location in which the national identity has been recreated is no longer the same nation. Just as the continental land mass can no longer be described as Native American, it can no longer be described as American.

The United States of America is no longer united, a collection of sovereign states, or American. Discuss amongst yourselves….

That joke was a lot easier to laugh knowingly at when it concerned the Holy Roman Empire, wasn’t it?