No, it’s not over

The Left is abuzz because the Freedom Party candidate was defeated in Austria:

Is Europe’s Brexit revolution over? Gloating left-wing supporters wave ‘Thank God’ signs after far-right candidate LOSES Austrian presidential election which was set to deliver body blow to the EU

Far-right candidate Norbert Hofer has lost the race for the Austrian presidency and has conceded defeat as the first results emerged. As the polls closed at 4pm UK time, exit surveys indicated left-leaning candidate Alexander Van der Bellen has taken an unbeatable lead in the election with more than 53 per cent of the vote. Hofer would have been the first far-right politician elected to national office in Europe since World War 2.

It’s not even close to being over; it has barely begun. But it does go to show how remarkably short-sighted the Left is. But thanking a God in whom they don’t believe for the continuation of their own enslavement does nicely demonstrate the fundamental incoherence of what passes for their thinking.

This is not even a setback. Even if Renzi somehow managed to win the Italian referendum, this would change nothing, because the historical trends are very clear and picking up both speed and strength.