In defense of pedos

Jake Tapper ‏@jaketapper
Predictable result of people irresponsibly spreading insane falsehoods on social media. What could have happened is terrifying

Lee Stranahan‏@stranahan
Any sane person is with @jaketapper on this. I honestly hope people get sued or prosecuted over #pizzagate hoax BS story.

Fox News: DC pizza shop harassed, threatened online after being victim of fake news stories

A D.C. pizza restaurant has become a target of harassment and negative reviews on social media after it became a victim of fake news stories that went viral just before the presidential election.

Using the hashtag #PizzaGate, many on social media slammed Comet Ping Pong after floating conspiracy theories claimed the pizza shop along with Hillary Clinton and her campaign were involved in child trafficking and satanic rituals.

But all of the claims against the popular Northwest D.C. pizzeria are false and unfounded. The D.C. Police Department said they are not investigating Comet Ping Pong and are instead keeping an eye on those who are threatening the restaurant and employees.

Remember these people when the truth finally comes out and they start talking about how terrible it is and how no one could possibly have known. They close their eyes, declare it’s night, and insist that anyone would have to be insane and lying to say otherwise.

Given that the police are not investigating, and have not investigated Comet, Podesta, or any of the freaks in that circle, how can anyone possibly state that ALL of the claims are “false and unfounded”. Especially when they don’t actually mention any of the specific claims that have been made or discuss any of the evidence that has been assembled.

Now, why oh why would these journalists resist even looking into a story as potentially juicy as #Pizzagate? Maybe because it strikes too close to home? I don’t see any statement about the age of the photography subjects there.