The war for Google

There appears to be a battle going on inside Google between SJWs who want to fully converge the organization and more rational liberals who understand that way lies madness, reduced market share, and eventual disruption and decline.

Internal pressure is pushing for the expansion of hate speech to include everything and everyone that fails to submit to the SJW narrative, for more intense action against so-called “fake news”, and even broader definitions of “fake news”. So far, they are only cracking down on genuinely fake news, but there is some belief that this is the proverbial dipping the toe in the water, to see what they can do without provoking a backlash.

The victory of the God-Emperor Ascendant was a massive blow to the SJWs inside Google, and like most SJWs, they have completely lost the plot post-election. They were openly calling other Googlers racists, sexists, and homophobes just for voting for Trump. Those are firing offenses at Google. Google has insane civility requirements imposed on anyone talking to a member of a protected group, but apparently calling for all Republicans to be fired is perfectly acceptable.

Of course, if they were to get their way, this would be tantamount to Google cutting it’s own throat in the Age of Trump, but because the authorities there are amenable, the internal SJWs will not be excised and will continue to converge the organization.

But permitting the SJW infestation to get worse is short-sighted and self-defeating. Every social media organization which is corrupted and converged will be disrupted and replaced. Both Google and Amazon are keeping their SJW infestations under control for the time being, but the question is, how much longer before they can’t keep a lid on it and they go the way of Twitter, Apple, Wikipedia, and other declining technology giants.