Let’s just be friends

Rudy Giuliani will not serve in the God-Emperor Ascendant’s administration. And that’s probably just as well:

Rudolph Giuliani, the former New York mayor, will not serve  in a Trump White House, it was announced Friday afternoon. Sources told NBC and CNN that Donald Trump told the former New York City mayor he wasn’t getting the job. Trump said in a statement Friday afternoon that Giuliani told him on November 29 that he no longer wanted to be considered.

The Trump statement said: ‘President-elect Donald J. Trump today announced that during a meeting with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani held on November 29, 2016, Mayor Giuliani removed his name from consideration for a position in the new administration.’

Giuliani surfaced shortly after the statement was published to tell Fox News he wanted to serve in the cabinet ‘but not that much’. ‘I went through the entire vetting process,’ he said. ‘None of them [his business dealings] would amount to even a conflict of interest.’

Asked if he was bitter he said: ‘Not at all. I’m a very happy man. Donald – sorry President-elect Trump – remains one of my closest friends. I’ll go to the Army Navy game with him tomorrow.’

It increasingly looks like it will be Dana Rohrabacher for Secretary of State, which would be vastly preferable to the selection of the neocon favorite, the oft-mentioned, never-selected John Bolton. But I’m not terribly concerned about it either way. One thing we can be sure of is that the God-Emperor Ascendant will not hesitate to remove any Cabinet member who insists on playing his own game rather than following orders.

The media has been aghast at the number of former military men in the Trump administration, but I don’t see how that is even remotely surprising. Say what you will about US generals, but even the most well-scented perfumed princes are adept at effectively following orders.