Another “review”

A review of Cuckservative from someone named Pink Gandhi:

1.0 out of 5 stars This book sets up a false binary from the start …
By PinkGandhi on December 9, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
This book sets up a false binary from the start and then goes to prove its case on these terms. It is for the simple minded.

How fortunate that there are so many simple-minded people who troubled to read it.

I also have some other book-related news. As you know, the 500-page early edition of A SEA OF SKULLS will be out soon, most likely next week. There will be two ways to acquire it:

  1. Buy it for $7.99 at the Castalia store. We will send out the 900-page final edition when it is completed in the late spring, which is when the paperback and hardcover editions will also be released. There will be no print editions of the early edition.
  2. Buy it for $5.99 at Amazon, then update in the spring.

We expect most people to prefer Amazon and we will absolutely be willing to send out updates to everyone who buys from Amazon and send us a copy of a purchase invoice dated December 2016, but we are aware that there are people who are liable to fall through the cracks that way.

Take this with a grain of salt, of course, given that an author finishing a novel is among the least trustworthy of judges, but the initial internal reviews of ASOS have been positive. I was determined to avoid both the sophomore slump and middle-book syndrome, as well as GRRM’s patented perspective-character metastasization, and it would appear that I have been successful in doing so. ASOS is a harsher book than ATOB, but then, that is because it provides a glimpse into some harsher cultures than that of Amorr.