Mailvox: why everyone needs SJWAL

That’s not an exaggeration. Literally everyone needs to read it nowadays, because absolutely no one is off-limits as far as the SJWs are concerned. Do you have a job? Are you dependent upon someone else having a job? One trival slip-up, one petty violation of an ever-changing Narrative is all it takes for you, or someone upon whom you are dependent, to become a target. Fortunately, this guy happened to have read the book before he came under SJW attack.

I just finished SJWs Always Lie and it was discovered at a much-needed time. Within the last year, I’ve gradually become Alt-Right. I’ve also been making my way through [a Master’s degree in a fully converged field]. The place is a viper’s den of SJW so I’ve largely been reserved while informing myself as much as possible so as to have ammo to fire back with if exposed. I’m usually much more confrontational by nature but I know when I’m outgunned.

That didn’t last.

Events went down almost *exactly* as you describe them in your book. I worked (for free mind you) at a [redacted] doing the necessary bitchwork to advance through the internship component of the program. Someway, somehow a “friend” of mine emailed the office a month-old post I made regarding the differences between men and women in society. Of course, I didn’t know this until two weeks after I was fired and told I’d be reported to the university for my misconduct. After two weeks of stonewalling, the head of my department at the university finally told me what I was accused of.

Since then I’ve been kept in limbo as the department decides what to do with me.

Your book was the exact battle plan I needed. Reminders to never apologise, never back down and always remember that the enemy deal in lies are very useful.

I am curious if you have any input, however. Some of your book I have a hard time following simply because a lot of the strategies and risks you call for I don’t have the power to implement fully. I got a lot riding on this. For instance, I don’t have a ton of experience, good field connections or ability to tell the faculty to fuck off.

That being said I am locked into the program so it would be hard to remove me plus [for redacted reasons] they can’t punish me for speech too severely. I’ve been consulting with FIRE, a non-profit for legal advocacy for free speech on college campuses. You seem like the type of man to have a lot of insight so any input or wisdom is welcome.

Thank you for inspiring me to keep up the fight during this hell.

Consult with FIRE, prepare an exit strategy in case they’re able to kick you out, and stop your online and social media activities. That’s the point that a lot of people don’t seem to understand. If you aren’t in a position to fight, don’t hand them information, which is ammunition. I’d also look at registering a complaint concerning the firing for misconduct if the [redacted] violated its own policies. Sure, you don’t want the job, but it’s a future vulnerability if it is given a pass.

Look, I never had a choice. Because I started writing in the pre-Internet era, but close enough to it that my columns and media interviews were made available on the Internet from the start, I knew that I’d be cut out of jobs and other opportunities all along. Long before WND was even created, I was blackballed from the St. Paul Pioneer Press editorial page when I was easily the best candidate for the job and they didn’t even need the Internet to do it.

But as long as you have a choice, it’s best to lay low. Keep your Facebook innocuous. If you’re going to express an opinion of any kind, do it under an anonymous identity you develop for that purpose and for which you can always maintain plausible deniability. (Translation: always drop identifying details that point at someone else, preferably an SJW.)

Otherwise, the chances are pretty good that some “friend” is going to bring you to the attention of an SJW-converged authority. And, of course, stay out of the vipers’ dens! That’s a good way to get yourself bit.