Ignoring the irrelevant

The Trump Presidency has been amazing, and the God-Emperor hasn’t even ascended to the Cherry Blossom Throne yet. Now he’s ignoring and delegitimizing the EU, and correctly so, since it’s neither a state nor a government:

Europe WHO? Trump’s snub to Brussels as he names Britain but NOT the EU among key allies

DONALD TRUMP delivered a major snub to the beleaguered European Union today in a further sign of the marginal role Brussels can expect to play in his foreign policy plans.Mr Trump was a frequent critic of the beleaguered bloc during his campaign to become the leader of the Western world, and has described his shock White House victory as “Brexit plus, plus, plus”.

But he conspicuously failed to mention a single EU state in his roll call of global players, further indicating that relations with the European Union will be low down on the new US administration’s list of priorities.

And responding to media reports criticising his contact with global leaders today, the billionaire tycoon hit back: “I have received and taken calls from many foreign leaders…Russia, UK, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and more. I am always available to them.”

His pointed snub to EU member states will send further shivers down the collective spine of Europe’s elite, which is scrambling to formulate an effective response to the populist uprising taking place across the globe.

In particular it represents the huge reversal of fortunes facing Germany, coming just days after outgoing President Barack Obama praised Chancellor Angela Merkel as his “closest ally”.

And it reaffirms that Britain will be a key ally to the self-avowed anglophile’s new administration, coming a week after eyebrows were raised when he placed Theresa May 10th on his initial ring-round of international leaders.

Stunned European Union chiefs have been thrown into panic mode since Mr Trump’s election to the globe’s most powerful post, issuing a series of garbled and contradictory statements as they watch the cosy EU-US relations built up under Mr Obama crumble before their eyes.

The EU already lacks democratic legitimacy. If the God-Emperor continues to delegitimize it and its member-states, it will crumble faster than the Soviet Union. I’m starting to think there is a very good chance that the God-Emperor is going to pull the US out of NATO, which would serve as a sufficient trigger for the fall of the fraudulent Brussels-based Euro elite.