Predators go where the prey is

You may recall last night’s discussion of Chanhassan, and what a nice, low-crime area it is. But it’s not necessarily safe, because predators always go where the prey is. As I said yesterday, there isn’t a public or private school in America where there isn’t at least a would-be child molester:

The principal of Chanhassen High School was arrested Tuesday morning on suspicion of possessing child pornography. Timothy Dorway, 44, was booked Tuesday after Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agents with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force arrested him.

The arrest followed a search of his home in Victoria and at the high school where he was named principal in 2010.

Charges have not been filed in the case. No Eastern Carver County School students are involved in the investigation, according to the school district. Dorway was placed on leave Tuesday.

“This is a difficult day for our students, parents and community,” Superintendent Jim Bauck said in a statement. “There are questions that we want answers to and we’re working with the BCA as they conduct an investigation to find those answers.

Looking at the guy, they’d better dig up the floor of his basement and the beds of his flower gardens. Homeschool or else!