Replacing Shakespeare

The silver lining is that no one ever needs to feel inadequate about not attending an Ivy League university ever again:

The blackest thing ever happened on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania: A group of students recently removed a picture of William Shakespeare and replaced it with one of Audre Lorde.

Fisher-Bennett Hall is home to Penn’s English department, and the portrait of Shakespeare has resided over the main staircase in the building for years. The English department, in an effort to represent more diversity in writing, voted a few years ago to relocate the portrait and replace it.

Despite the vote, the picture was left in the entranceway of the building. The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that on Dec. 1, after an English-department town hall meeting discussing the election, a group of students removed Shakespeare’s portrait, delivered it to the office of English professor and department Chair Jed Esty, and replaced it with a photograph of black feminist writer Audre Lorde.

Esty, who declined to be interviewed, said in an email to the Daily Pennsylvanian, “Students removed the Shakespeare portrait and delivered it to my office as a way of affirming their commitment to a more inclusive mission for the English department.”

This may or may not be a more inclusive mission, but it is certainly a more illiterate one. Those who believe that a non-white “America” is going to resemble, in any way shape or form, the historical America, really aren’t paying attention.

Diversity is nothing more than cargo cultists mindlessly aping actual civilization. Forget actually maintaining it, they can’t even produce credible imitations that aren’t comedic parodies. By the time the cargo cultists obtain complete control of a formerly Western society, it won’t merely be Shakespeare being replaced, but functional flush toilets and 60+ life expectancies as well.