Christmas 1+1 sale

The Black Friday 1+1 sale was so successful that we’ve decided to do it again, only this time there is no limit on the number of ebooks you can get. If you buy 20 Castalia print editions, we’ll send you the 20 different ebooks you want. The only caveats are:

  1. The print sales have to be from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Both hardcovers and paperbacks are eligible.
  2. A SEA OF SKULLS is not an eligible ebook selection UNLESS you buy a print edition of A THRONE OF BONES. The extended edition of ASOS will not be provided to those acquiring ASOS as a bonus copy.
  3. The bonus copy version of THE NINE LAWS will not include the chapter-heading images.
  4. All ebooks sent out will be DRM-free epub. If you prefer Kindle or some other format, just download Calibre and convert it. It takes five seconds.
  5. Kindle Select ebooks are not eligible due to Amazon’s restrictions on non-Amazon distribution. A list of the eligible non-KDP Select ebooks is below.

It’s pretty simple. Order one or more print books from Amazon or B&N today, December 14th. Email a copy of the invoice dated 12/14/2016 with 1+1 in the subject. Specify the non-Kindle Select ebooks you want. Give the print books as gifts and keep the ebooks for yourself.


Science Fiction


Military Science Fiction<

Literary Satire




  • 4th Generation Warfare Handbook, William S. Lind and Greg Thiele
  • A History of Strategy, Martin van Creveld
  • A Sea of Skulls, Vox Day
  • Alien Game, Rod Walker
  • An Equation of Infinite Complexity, J. Mulrooney
  • Awake in the Night Land, John C. Wright
  • Between Light and Shadow
  • City Beyond Time, John C. Wright
  • Clio & Me, Martin van Creveld
  • Do We Need God To Be Good, C.R. Hallpike
  • Equality: The Impossible Quest, Martin van Creveld
  • God, Robot, Anthony Marchetta
  • Grow or Die, David the Good
  • Hyperspace Demons, Jonathan Moeller
  • Iron Chamber of Memory, John C. Wright
  • MAGA Mindset, Mike Cernovich
  • On The Existence of Gods, Vox Day and Dominic Saltarelli
  • On the Question of Free Trade, Vox Day and James Miller
  • QUANTUM MORTIS A Man Disrupted, Vox Day and Steve Rzasa
  • QUANTUM MORTIS A Mind Programmed, Vox Day and Jeff Sutton
  • Swan Knight’s Son, John C. Wright
  • Feast of the Elfs, John C. Wright
  • Swan Knight’s Sword, John C. Wright
  • The Altar of Hate, Vox Day
  • The Book of Feasts & Seasons, John C. Wright
  • The End of the World as We Knew It, Nick Cole
  • The Four Generations of Modern War, William S. Lind
  • The Last Witchking, Vox Day
  • The Missionaries, Owen Stanley
  • The Nine Laws, Ivan Throne
  • The Wardog’s Coin, Vox Day
  • There Will Be War Volume V, Jerry Pournelle
  • There Will Be War Volume VI, Jerry Pournelle
  • There Will Be War Volume IX, Jerry Pournelle
  • There Will Be War Volume X, Jerry Pournelle
  • Transhuman and Subhuman, John C. Wright
  • Victoria, Thomas Hobbes