Immigration is invasion

In There Will Be War Vol. X, Martin van Creveld demonstrated that immigration is war is immigration. The idea that because immigrants are unarmed, they are not invaders is more than simply false, at this point it is observably a lie. National borders are simply being overrun and nations are being conquered; the fact that neither guns are swords are being used is irrelevant:

RIOT police fought running battles with a mob of more than a thousand migrants who tried to storm Europe’s borders and force their way into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta today. At least 1,100 asylum seekers rushed the barbed wire fence protecting the tiny north African enclave, which is surrounded on all sides by Morocco, in a desperate bid to reach the EU.

Spanish and Moroccan authorities desperately fought to restore order as the migrants, most from sub-Saharan Africa, scaled the border barrier and brawled with police. Once inside the miniscule Spanish territory they would be able to claim asylum in Spain or travel onwards towards the promised lands of Germany and Sweden.

The migrants used rocks and metal bars as they battled with police officers from Spain and Morocco, who joined forces to defend the border. Television footage showed migrants perched on the top of the fence as they tried to get over. Around 55 police officers were injured in the chaos – 50 from Morocco and five from Spain. Moroccan authorities said 10 of their security personnel had been serious wounded during the fighting.

It is reprehensible that Europe’s governments are assisting, rather than sinking, the invaders’ ships and refusing to shoot the invaders, even those who are violently attacking those guarding the national borders. Violence is coming one way or another; better it take place on the borders than inside them.

How would it have been any less an invasion if Hitler had sent one million unarmed Hitler Jugend to cross the English channel on rafts seeking asylum? In the 1940s, the British had the courage to defend themselves. These days, virtually no one but the Saudis, the Hungarians, the Poles, and the Swiss are willing to do so.