The response is still restrained

I expect Europe will see considerably more violence in 2017. And unlike in previous years, it won’t all be one way.

A group of Muslims reportedly stabbed a 21-year-old polish man to death in the street on New Year’s Eve after he threw a firecracker in the general vicinity of their Kebab shop. Poles responded the next day by smashing their shop up and throwing bricks through their windows.

Video of the incident shows a large crowd cheering their retaliatory strike.

“I would be happy if there weren’t a single Arab in our country,” one protester who did not take part in the vandalism said. “I am against foreigners ruling in our country, in our beautiful town, and that they would do such things! We don’t need them here! They have their own countries, they should rule in their home countries,” he said.

The attackers were reportedly two Algerians, a Tunisian and a Moroccan.

If the murderers aren’t executed, I expect the next ones won’t escape with merely having their shops destroyed. Europeans have lost all confidence in the willingness of their governments to provide them with either protection or justice. And they are gradually beginning to understand that no amount of tolerance will bring peace now that diversity is upon them.