Two questions

Both Selenoth-related. And yes, this is an example of the stuff we discuss at Brainstorm from time to time, but I need more general opinions on these two items.

1. A number of people have been saying they would like to see some sort of summary of the previous book in order to help refresh their memory of A THRONE OF BONES, or even to let them jump right into A SEA OF SKULLS. I really don’t like the idea of a conventional “What Has Gone Before”, since I don’t like intruding on the text, but I can imagine where a letter or two, such as appeared in the first book, might be apt. They would go into the Extended Edition, probably after the Prologue. Yes/No?

2. A few people have encouraged me to crowdfund the two audiobooks, because they are so long that it’s hard to find top quality narrators interested in ACX’s revenue share option. While we do have one good English volunteer presently tackling the short stories and Summa, it’s going to take him a long time just to get through those; I think he’s wrapping up Witchking and is moving on to Wardog soon. (We’ll put them out together with Summa, just as we’re doing with the print.) I’m a little leery about the crowdfunding idea, since you guys are already supporting so many things and this is simply not something I consider a priority on the order of Infogalactic, or even Brainstorm. A top-quality narrator goes for 200 to 400 per hour, and ATOB alone will require 36 hours. Do the math and you can see the problem. Anyhow, share your thoughts on this, if you have any.

To be blunt, I don’t listen to audiobooks myself, so it’s just never been a priority for me. But, I understand some people love them, and I can understand that fans of epic fantasy probably would enjoy having 72+ hours of Selenoth to listen to. So, I’m open to ideas and suggestions. Please note that I’m not looking for volunteers; we have a good volunteer already and I’m not willing to do anything that isn’t going to be both professional and excellent.