The test is go

And thanks to all of you who helped make it possible. Now let’s hope that it works.

We are proud to be able to tell you that your fantastic efforts have helped us smash the target we set in 2013 of £470,000. In fact, between 1 June 2013 and 7 December 2016, a total of £521,563 has been received by KCL for the Crohn’s MAP test.

We want to thank everyone for their amazing efforts, including those of you who have tirelessly continued collecting regular sums to contribute. The total includes a fantastic sum of £47,000 which was received from supporters in the USA this August.

Finally, let us pay a special tribute to Helen Higgs who dedicated her life to raising funds for the cause. In particular, for two fundraising balls, the most recent of which raised in the region of £10,000. Tragically, Helen has passed away, but she will always be remembered for everything she contributed to raising the funds to provide the MAP test.