A flawless end

Tell us more about how you don’t see color, white man. Because everyone who isn’t white sees it just fine.

In life Steven Otter castigated his fellow whites for their “misperception” of black crime in South Africa. Yet in one of those harsh racial ironies the country is famous for, he was stabbed to death by two black robbers in his home on Reconciliation Day 16 December 2016, dying in the arms of his coloured partner, Nathalie Williams — in front of her 7-year old daughter.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. That’s not merely a fitting end for a white cuck, it’s a hilariously apt one, given the day on which he died. I just wish every self-described “pro-black” white individual would be forced to live in black-majority neighborhoods and given the choice of a) remaining there for life, or b) joining the KKK.

I’ll bet the average white SJW wouldn’t last a month before putting on a bedsheet.

And to think some say the Devil doesn’t have a sense of humor.