Build. The. Wall.

The House Republicans get on board with alacrity, after having the God-Emperor Ascendant put the fear of himself into them.

Republicans on Capitol Hill say they don’t need to wait for Mexico to make good on President-elect Donald Trump’s central campaign promise: building a southern border wall.

In fact, they are happy to underwrite the wall themselves, at a potential cost of many billions of dollars.

The GOP’s willingness to fund Trump’s border wall with taxpayer money could put the party’s deeply held desire to rein in government spending in conflict with its long-standing goal of cracking down on illegal immigration and toughening border security. Nonetheless, many Republicans do not see an inherent conflict.

“It would be a proposal that would cost billions of dollars to get done, but if it’s an appropriate priority for our country, it’s worth spending that kind of money,” said Rep. Luke Messer (R-Ind.), chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee.

It’s more pathetic than amusing to see the media affect to be concerned about the federal government spending between $8 and 20 billion on shutting down illegal immigration from Central and South America after they were cheerleading Obama’s $787 billion in economic stimulus.

The irony is that there will arguably be more genuine economic stimulus created by building the wall than there was from Obama’s vastly larger income redistribution efforts.