I disavow Gab

As I am reliably informed that it is chock full of notorious white supremacists. And I can’t be associated with anyone of whom Vox.com does not approve. I mean, it’s VOX.COM!

Prominent feminist and author Lindy West deactivated her Twitter account this week, and she was blunt about why: The social media platform, she alleged in an essay published by the Guardian, has refused to curb harassment carried out by members of the white nationalist, misogynist alt-right movement, thereby contributing to a global political crisis….

Ironically, Twitter’s November launch of anti-harassment tools and concurrent banning of many alt-right accounts inspired many alt-right Twitter users to leave the site for the white supremacist-friendly, “free speech”–touting social network Gab.

Gab’s logo is an easily identifiable likeness of Pepe the Frog, an image explicitly associated with white supremacy, and Gab’s verified users include known white supremacists. But a Gab spokesperson has stated emphatically to Vox.com that the platform is “not an alt-right or anti-semitic site” and that it “[does] not represent any one particular political ideology or movement.” The same spokesperson also insisted that Gab’s logo is not Pepe the Frog, but rather “drawn from antediluvian and Biblical sources,” and stated that Gab “rejects the notion that we represent ‘white supremacy’ in any shape or form.”

Be that as it may, white supremacists are blatantly flocking to Gab — Heimbach even promoted the site to the Washington Post after he was banned from Twitter on January 3. In essence, though Twitter has attempted to follow the letter rather than the spirit of its harassment policy, even its cursory efforts have made it unpopular with the very users who are driving progressive voices like West away from the platform.

This mass exodus of hateful trolls may sound like a win for those who are still using Twitter — but many people have already given up waiting for the site to change, and progressive “why I left Twitter” pieces like West’s are becoming increasingly frequent.

You have to enjoy the total incoherency of this article.

  1. Twitter is full of Nazis and white supremacists.
  2. Eradicating Nazis should be Twitter’s primary, secondary, and tertiary priority, according to “prominent feminist and author”.
  3. Twitter has set up a Trust & Safety Council to harass, suspend, and ban everyone who tweets anything even remotely right-wing. Seriously, they will suspend your account for nothing more than linking to this blog. (NB: none of my Twitter accounts are suspended, I just don’t use it anymore.)
  4. The Alt-Right and tens of thousands of conservatives have largely abandoned Twitter for Gab in a mass exodus; another 30,000 joined yesterday.
  5. But this abandonment of Twitter isn’t enough for many progressives, who have left Twitter as well in response.
  6. Because Nazis. Or something.

Of course, as we all know, the real reason those progressives are leaving is that they can’t play the victim and get the attention they are seeking in an SJW echo chamber, as there is nothing left for them to do but play the game of oneupvictimship and see who can out-virtue signal and out-hoax the other. That is why some of the very progressives who have been most publicly whining about Nazis and white supremacists on Twitter are now clamoring to join Gab.

Also, since when did “prominent” become a synonym for “obese”? I like it though. It’s usefully subtle. “Have you SEEN Lindy?” “Yeah, she’s increasingly prominent these days.”

Of course, what is particularly interesting about this article is this little note: Updated by Aja Romano@ajaromano Jan 6, 2017, 1:10pm EST. You see, the original article said “Gab’s verified users include notorious white supremacists like Vox Day”, which is both false and defamatory, as I am not a white supremacist, much less a notorious one, despite the efforts of Jeet Heer and Olivia Nuzzi to create that false Narrative.

It would appear the lesson of Gawker is beginning to percolate through the SJW media. What a shame it did not register with Amazing Stories or Foz Meadows.