Can’t imagine how this will backfire

The German Left wants to offer permanent residence to those “beaten up by neo-Nazis”:

Rejected asylum seekers in Germany’s capital Berlin may be allowed to stay if they have been beaten up by neo-Nazis. Politicians see the offer of asylum as a way of way of sending a ‘strong signal’ to hate crime perpetrators. Berlin’s interior minister Andrea Geisel said the city is looking into the legal possibilities of such an exemption after nearby Brandenburg opted for the scheme.

‘I find an exemption, as Brandenburg has introduced, to be a strong political signal to those who believe that “whoever wants to chase refugees out of the country must attack them”,’ Geisel said.

‘To this I say – no. Whoever is a victim of far-right violence will enjoy our double protection and will not be deported.’

Brandenburg became the first state to declare it would give rejected asylum seekers who had been attacked sanctuary after requesting immigration authorities to use their ‘discretion.’

This demonstrates the unerring ability of the Left to completely fail to foresee the obvious consequences of its actions, which are guaranteed to produce two results:

  1. A huge increase in the number of rejected asylum seekers being beaten up by fake neo-Nazis. What is the price of a little beating at the hands of your fellow immigrants or helpful antifas in exchange for permanent residence?
  2. An increase in the number of dead rejected asylum seekers. This sends a very clear message to the neo-Nazis, and to every other German, that deportation is no longer an option. And if the only choice is between submitting to invasion and killing the invader, the history of Man strongly suggests that people in general, and Germans in particular, will eventually opt for the latter.
I’m sure we’ll all be very impressed when the German Left expresses its customary dismay at its plans going unexpectedly awry.