He didn’t read Aristotle

From Gab:

Todd Kincannon · @ToddKincannon
Had dinner with a political operative friend last night. He said “I had no idea that all it took to win was to call Democrats and media worthless pieces of shit all the time. I thought you had to be reasonably nice. Trump has shown me the light. Fuck the Left.” 

This is an exact quote. 

It’s called “the art of rhetoric”. See Chapter 10 of SJWs Always Lie.

Left-wingers will only change their minds if they experience enough emotional pain to provoke the desire to avoid it. They are entirely irrational; the more intelligent they are, the more highly developed their facility for rationalizing away any logical inconsistencies is. And that’s why those on the Left are always calling people on the Right stupid, racist, and so on, because they are attempting to convince us by inflicting emotional pain and triggering aversive reactions. It may sound like insults, but in reality, that is how the Left makes converts.

Of course, their understanding of dialectic speakers is as poor as the average dialecticals understanding of rhetoricals. It really shocks them when their name-calling has no effect. In fact, that is a good way to discern a right-wing rhetorical; the more they are affected by name-calling, the more they are rhetorically minded despite their protestations.