Divisional Round, Day 2

Yesterday went as expected. Atlanta walked over Seattle and New England had no trouble with Houston. Today, I think Dallas will run over the Green Bay defense and keep the ball out of Aaron Rodgers’s lethal hands enough to win. No idea about Pittsburgh vs Kansas City, except that if it’s close late, Mike Tomlin will manage the clock better than Andy Reid.

UPDATE: Wow! Incredible play by Rodgers, both to not fumble the ball on the sack, then to hit Cook to set up the game-winning field goal. But the game was lost, not won, by the Dallas coaching staff. I couldn’t BELIEVE it when they downed the ball on 1-and-10, then didn’t run the ball twice when facing third-and-3.

If you don’t play to win in the playoffs, chances are you’re going to lose. And Jason Garrett did not play to win. What on EARTH was he thinking, to give the ball back to Aaron Rodgers with 35 seconds and two time outs in a tie game?