Championship Day

Aaron Rodgers’s heroics notwithstanding, I think the Pack’s run stops here. They were one strip sack from going out last week, and the Dallas rush didn’t put anywhere nearly as much pressure on him as the Falcons will. The Vikings showed the way to contain and control Rodgers, and the Falcons have the same sort of speed and power in their front seven that the Vikings do. And the Packers defense does not match up well with the powerful Falcons attack, so I don’t think it will be particularly close.

New England-Pittsburgh will be a good game, but I expect Brady to continue his dominance there. I expect Belichick to let Bell get his yards, but shut down the Steeler passing game.

My prediction for the Super Bowl remains what it was before the playoffs. New England-Atlanta, with Brady and Belichick claiming one more ring together.