Galactic Liberation 1: Starship Liberator

The Hundred Worlds have withstood invasion by the relentless Hok for decades. The human worlds are strong, but the Hok have the resources of a thousand planets behind them, and their fleets attack in endless waves. 

The long war has transformed the Hundred Worlds into heavily fortified star systems. Their economies are geared for military output, and they raise specialized soldiers to save our species. Assault Captain Derek Straker is one such man among many. Genetically sculpted to drive a mech-suit as if he wears a second skin, he must find a path to victory. 

It’s a battle in which he’ll never admit defeat, but not even Straker knows the dark truth behind this titanic struggle. With Lieutenant Carla Engels piloting, STARSHIP LIBERATOR explores enemy territory in search of answers.

STARSHIP LIBERATOR is the first book in the new Galactic Liberation series by bestselling authors David VanDyke and B.V. Larson. It is 492 pages and retails for $27.99 in hardcover and $19.99 in paperback. It is also available at Barnes & Noble.

The publication of Starship Liberator today marks a significant step forward for Castalia House, as VanDyke and Larson are among the most successful authors in science fiction. To put it in perspective, B.V. Larson regularly ranks among the top 10 bestselling authors in the genre, while David VanDyke is usually in the top 75. We are very pleased to be working with both men, and I hope more than a few Castalia readers will consider adding this attractive doorstopper to their shelves.

From the reviews:

  • Fast action. Plot has several unexpected twists. Like the development key characters. Good book.
  • Great tactical narrative. The characters are enjoyable. Good old-fashioned good vs evil. Harks back to Soviet days and 1984.
  • Excellent military space battle story. Kept me riveted from start to finish. Good storyline and well developed characters.
  • Another great addition to David Vandyke’s and BV Larson’s repertoire. It’s great to see a return to pure SF for Vandyke, and you can see why it makes sense for he and Larson to collaborate – both are excellent storytellers and create rich, deep characters, in unusual situations.
  • Recommended if you’re a fan of either of the authors, must-read if you’re a fan of both.

In other Castalia-related news, John C. Wright has begun blogging at the Castalia House blog with a detailed critique of the original Buck Rogers novella, ARMAGEDDON 2419 A.D. It is a must-read for any writer, as he breaks down what works, and what does not, and explains how it is that such a flawed piece of short fiction was able to lead to such a memorable franchise.

And speaking of doorstoppers, fans of Selenoth won’t want to miss Scott Cole’s new series of posts entitled Summa Selenothica, with which he intends to fill in some of the blanks for those who are interested in diving deeper into the epic fantasy world of Tellus Demittus, beginning with The Last Witchking.